Hey... Aren't You that Pagan Artist?

Yes. Thats me. Click on "read more" below to get more information. I have a couple of places online where I sell my Pagan artwork. The 4th link in the slide show above takes you to my Zazzle shop called "That Pagan Artist". Lughnasah is the next holiday on the Wheel of the Year.

Magic: The Gathering Artist Proof Cards

Artist proof cards are also called “white backs” because the card itself has no printing on the back. This was done so that the artists could use them as promotional leave-behinds for Art Directors. There are usually, only 50 copies of each. As Magic grew in popularity, the Artists proof cards became a sought after collectible commodity.

Original Artwork Available

Why buy original artwork? Original art is an investment that moves you. Some people have a great desire to own or collect pieces of original art because they are drawn to images that speak to them or remind them of past experiences or simply want something beautiful to look at. There are also people who enjoy knowing that they have something no one else has. If this sounds like you, then I have some beautiful art to offer you for your collection.
I am an "Alternate Reality" fantasy illustrator and fine artist. I design & create colorful paintings for fantasy art collectors, gamers and Pagan art collectors. Artwork is done most often by hand with oils and colored pencils in a realistic style. Digital work is done to add borders, enhance my photographs and to create graphic images for my POD's. Especially in my Fat Boy Fossils shop.
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